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There is some confusion as to what magic actually is. I think this can be cleared up if you just look at the very earliest descriptions of magic. Magic in its earliest form is often referred to as “the art”. I believe this is completely literal. I believe that magic is art and that art, whether it be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form is literally magic. Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images, to achieve changes in consciousness. ― Alan Moore 

( excerpt from the documentary: The Mindscape of Alan Moore )


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When he says paganism is an alphabet it really jives with my experiences with runes.

health and spirituality: The Physical Ailments of Occultists, by Alice Warren Hamaker

This is very true, many acquaintances of mine, and myself, have suffered from one or more of these ailments. It became essential for me to delve deeper into the eastern practices of herbalism and health in order to discern what kind of metaphysical practices could damage ones health . I began studying Chinese medicine, but before long i found major correlations between the Chinese system of medicine and that practiced by Paracelsus, at which i returned to alchemical methods of herbalism. Learning to employ Chinese diagnostic techniques i found that panic attacks, headaches, tooth decay, migraines, loss of eyesight, and paranoia are all considered ailments of the kidneys and other organs that depend on them, mainly the adrenals and bladder. The libertine practices of occultists, as well as some of the stranger ascetic behavior, and diets, of occultists deplete the kidneys in many ways. Excessive sexual experiments are known to deplete the adrenals, while the consumption of sexual fluids is highly taxing on the digestive system. Diets high in protein, or perhaps simply raw vegetable foods, are incredibly hard to digest, and strenuous digestion creates ammonia-like byproducts that tax the kidneys. The brain depletes potassium during psychic experiences, but when you get a cramp after a long ritual and you reach for a bannana, or perhaps some other source of potassium, you strain your stomach, and further dammage your kidneys. This stress to the kidneys causes the textbook terrors of the Faustian occultist. Its bad enough that occultists are prone to long bouts of trance inducing scrying that completely disassociates the optic nerves from regular functionality
The heart of this issue is that we, occultists, strive for such lofty states of being that sometimes the ground washes out beneath us. We damage our health, and disassociate from our bodies in love and faith to philosophy, and greater reality. This is evidenced in the Chinese medicinal conception of what is wrong, as all of the above ailments constitute symptoms of chi imbalance.
Chi is not air, as is commonly attested, but more accurately corresponds to what an alchemist would consider as gravity, or earth. Chi is the substance behind matter, and when the chi is low the matter becomes volatile and unreliable. So the primary organ of chi, or earth, is the stomach, which is where we derive most of our chi. This effects the watery organ complex of the kidneys, which effects the fiery complex of the cardiovascular system, which one experiences as a panic attack.

(Source: mysterywomanrevival)



New book, really looking forward to reading it.

And here are some useful links to the author

Lady of the Labyrinth; Primarily a site of research on religions and cults of goddesses and the Great Goddess in various ancient cultures and Pagan religions. ALSO fascinating insights into the Norse Myths.

SEE also her YouTube videos:

Mine hasn’t come in yet, and its been more than a year. Im sending your photo to the publisher and harassing them now.

I feel like a total jerk, they are being super helpful and sending me the edition pictured above. Apparently the edition i was holding out for was different. It’ll be in in a week or so. :)

I try to stay out of the comic fandom, but the female Thor outcry can be heard in the force. I just want people to realize that this isn’t the first time Thor has been Transgendered, and i’m not talking about his cross dressing episode. St. Barbara is a feminized version of Thor, whose “piety” enabled her to call forth lightening from “god”, and it just happened that the hammer was the symbol of her veneration.
If you don’t like it for religious reasons then i suggest you cease worshipping the marvel gods, as the power of Thor has always been communicable via mjolnir in the marvel universe. Originally marvel Thor was a mortal who channeled the power of Thor from a walking stick that happened to be mjolnir (aka meow meow) in disguise.
PS: Thor’s daughter Thrudr, also a valkyrie, has been a long standing feminized version of Thor.

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