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On the Threshold of a Knuckle, by Ms. Graveyard Dirt

I bake with antiquity resting on the threshold of a knuckle.

The engraved image of Ceres flashes like a tiny bronze minnow when I blend honey-water with flour using fastidiously clean hands. The 2,000-year-old Roman ring disappears into the ancient marriage of wet and dry, clinking gently against the base of my ceramic Bean Nighe cauldron as the beginnings of bread slip through my mushroom-tranced fingers.

As I knead, She reappears amongst gluten strands and frankincense smoke. My mind wanders as the slightly-too-large ring shifts upside-down, leaving stamped impressions of the goddess on the surface of dough as I work. What was the original motive for this ring? Did the owner ever bake bread? Did the owner ever bake bread wearing this ring? What if the original motive for this two thousand-year-old ring was this moment, right now?

Entheogen-induced ruminations and multiple depictions of Ceres are rhythmically incorporated into the dough as I knead, creating layers upon layers of devotional purpose. With a pair of hands and a ring, I entwine two separate worlds two millennia apart, because when I bake, I bake with antiquity resting on the threshold of a knuckle.

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Anonymous asked:

The ancient Gaelic practice of guising. People would dress up to disguise themselves from the Aos Sí who are spirits who, on Samhain, can easily commune with the human world. That's where the whole Halloween "the dead are closer to us on Halloween" thing comes from. So, no, Halloween isn't an Irish thing but the thing it derived from is. I don't understand how you don't see that?


Im finished dealing with celtic weeaboos.

People from other countries who have no appreciable link to Ireland except a religion based on bits of books theyve read out of context n crappy diddledee commercialism.

People without a gaelic background who insist on giving themselves gaelic names.

People who substitute gaelic terms for english ones to make their hobbies/beliefs seem more “authentic”.

Those things are important because that idea of authenticity marks a celtic weeaboo out for what they are. Authenticity is alien to someone who has a sense of culture. A fish doesn’t wake up and wonder if the water is the right temperature only a scuba diver visiting the sea would notice. A fish has no abstract concept of water because theyre immersed in it. They just exist in it. Swim in it, breath it. Everything they do is “authentic” because its their nature. Only a weeaboo who has no.concept of culture would be concerned.

Im not going to talk to recons anymore Ive wasted enough of my time trying to point out the absurdity of what yiz do. Youre cheesy celtic weeaboos whove gone further than any japanese obsessed person by making a religion out of your fandom.

Im not discussing things with you lot anymore. My advice is if you want to understand halloween in a trad irish context relatable to you look to the actual diaspora communities in your country. In places like the apalachians and in the canadian maritimes. The rednecks and newfies yiz rip the piss out of are the fish swimming in timeless oceans of the culture youre mimmicking.

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